Book Review: Pie is for Sharing

Mon Cœur is at an age and stage where we are learning many social norms, among them what it means to share. When we were last at the library, we found Pie Is for Sharing written by Stephanie Parsley Ledyard and illustrated by Jason Chin. It is a beautifully illustrated book with equally lovely wording, and the setting is a Fourth of July picnic in a park.

Simple sentences talk about what can be shared, what’s easy to share (cousins), and hard to share (best friends). The illustrations are wonderful for sparking conversation – the first page in fact is only a picture, one of a family getting ready to go to a picnic. They are placing pies in a basket, filling water bottles, the littlest is playing peek-a-boo with the dog. A book bag and bike helmet is on the floor, which lends itself to a prediction.

We have delighted in talking about each picture, and there are so many details to find and discuss – we see something new each time we read it!

It doesn’t talk about how to share though, so we are still on a hunt for that.

After we read, Mon Cœur asked to paint. I am out of canvases (we hunt for them at the Goodwill), and we just read about pies, so I figured we could paint pies together using paper plates…

Voilà! – and afterwards I asked her what she liked to share. “Green paint.”


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