End of Week Butterfly Garden Progress

This past week has been busy with lots and lots of house projects started and some finished. At the top of our priority list was getting the hardscaping done for our butterfly garden. When I consulted with our local nursery, he advised that we plant in November or December to allow the plants and trees to rest in their dormant state over winter. It’s a lot easier than trying to start a garden in spring/summer, especially in the heat and with the drought we’ve have this past month. Below is a mini-tour of the granite we added to the garden. We decided to place these along the path to help guide the way (and help us remember how the path goes!) and add interesting features to the flower garden.

There are two entrances to the flower garden off of our driveway – to mark these entrances, we found some sizable pillar-like pieces to place.

Along with the granite, Chou chou dumped some dirt which we will cover in topsoil and then plant flowers into – this will help add some height to spots within the garden.

Above is a picture of Mon Cœur’s tea party table – a piece of granite that Chou chou found and thought would be the perfect size for a table. It will rest on the granite legs pictured to the left.


2 thoughts on “End of Week Butterfly Garden Progress

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