Book Review: Daddies Do

We recently found a new favorite book at the library – Daddies Do written by a Virginia author (yay!), Leslie Evans and illustrated by Elisa Ferro.

Our home library is full of books about “Mommy and Me” and “Mommy loves you,” etc. So I am always on the lookout to balance this with some books that involve Daddy.

This sweet little book (click for Daddies Do book trailer) was on an end cap at our local library, and I was instantly drawn to the cute illustrations with animals and the title which included dads. I knew Chou chou would love to (“Finally!!”) see a book that demonstrated that dads can (and are!) involved in raising their kids. I grabbed the book, flipped through just a few pages and checked it out. Mon Cœur (MC) wanted to read it right away when we got home and I was curious too. We read the book together that afternoon and she gave it to her daddy to read that same night.

There are so many things I love about this book: the sing-songy rhymes that make it lyrical to read, the fun and silly things daddies do with their kids that makes me laugh and reminisce, and the repetition in the book which lends to MC “reading” with her daddy.

What I love most about this book though, is that MC gets this book out and hands it to her daddy to read every night, and now after a few weeks of reading it, she says with him, “Daddies Do!”

This is such a sweet book that MC chose to renew it when it was due, and it will be making a permanent appearance in our house next Father’s Day!


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