Nature Girl

This past month has been a busy one – we’ve been traveling here and there, back home to unpack, repack, and head out again. Staying on the go, we always try to have a bag of tricks for Mon Cœur (MC) so that wherever we go she has something to do.

Mon Cœur after a hike up Humpback Rock

For her second birthday in July, she received a Huckleberry Bug Box. We have had this packed in her diaper bag the past month, and have taken it hiking, camping, and on nature walks with us. At first Chouchou and I would help her find various pieces to put in her box, and now she is always on the hunt for a new item to add to her collection.

I love that this box allows MC to interact with nature and with us, she gets to choose items and where to place them, we talk about color and add new words (Chouchou ambitiously taught her the word “lichen”).

What I love most about this box is that it celebrates the ephemeral – MC will chose items, place them in the box, we’ll carry it around for a day or a weekend, and then, “I dump it!” MC decides to start all over again. We enjoy the nature while it lasts, and then we move on and we begin another collection.


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