Happy Halloween

First fitting – happy daughter, happy mother 🙂

This is Mon Cœur’s (MC) third Halloween, although this is the first year we got dressed up and went trick or treating. One of her favorite characters is Madeline, she received a doll and the classic book for her first birthday.

It seemed only natural to dress her up as Madeline, so I went through my fabric stash and found some seersucker. I found some white linen leftover from a previous project and grabbed my pattern making book. I refreshed my memory on Peter Pan collars, created a pattern, and cut the linen. I found a dress that currently fits MC to “copy” and pinned it to the seersucker, added seam allowance, and cut it out. Halfway through the project I realized that I should have added a placket and buttons down center front for the ease of getting this dress on MC, but a simple slash, with a little red bow from Wal-Mart to cover it, did the trick.

The red bow nicely covers up the raw edges from the unplanned cut!

We went trick or treating with friends and MC perfected the phrases “Trick-or-Treat!” and “Happy Halloween!” as we walked a whole loop around the neighborhood (2,910 steps according to my phone). A few things I want to remember from her first time trick or treating:

  • At one house, MC said, “Trick or treat,” and then proceeded to place one of her treats in the bowl of treats that was offered her.
  • The way she pronounced her older friend’s name when calling her to wait while MC tried to catch up.
  • Her efforts to carry the ever heavy growing bucket of candy (what will we do with all of it???)

2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

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