Book Review: Thunder Horse

My aunt had said my love would keep him for a while.

It did.

And maybe, just maybe, my love is what brings him back.

From Thunder Horse by Eve Bunting

Mon Cœur (MC) has been very interested in horses as of late, and so naturally, the cover of this book caught her eyes. After seeing the author, I had to snag it out of curiosity. Eve Bunting is a fabulous children’s author – we have used her books Fly Away Home and The Wall to read to students before field trips to Washington, DC – and she has a way with her words.

This was a timely book, with All Saints Day celebrated just yesterday.

There are many things to love about this book, and MC has chosen this book over and over to have it read to her.

  • The beautiful, fantastical illustrations by Dennis Nolan (I love the picture of the pegasus being walked on a leash)
  • The theme of impermanence and enjoying something during the duration that it is with us
  • A quirky/artsy aunt
  • Ties to Greek mythology and constellations
  • The vocabulary level – Bunting uses extraordinary vocabulary which not only paints a vivid picture for the reader, it is great exposure for MC: quicksilver, astounded, trotted, flexing his long graceful wings, clouds draped themselves, etc

Most of the reasons why I love it are above MC’s comprehension now, but she gets the gist of the story, and she absolutely loves the illustrations.

We make predictions and talk about how the pegasus is changing. She loves pointing things out on the pages, like the carrot the girl feeds the thunder horse, the leash as they are walking, and the moon when they are flying in the sky.

This is a wonderful, fun book for MC and I to read together, although it choked me up on the first reading. It reminds me to be grateful of any time that I have with people that enter my life, no matter how long, and to look for signs that remind us of them.


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