Book Review: Many Moons

Mon Cœur (MC) has recently been very observant of la lune (the moon). Well, tout le ciel (the whole sky), really. I frequently have heard, “Pink sky!” in the mornings as the sun is rising or in the evenings when the sun is setting. And every time she sees the moon, she lets us know, “The moon! The moon!”

I had seen a book at the library but didn’t really pay much attention to it the last time we were there. The title was Many Moons and was written and illustrated by Rémi Courgeon (I’m linking to his blog, although not recently updated, j’adore his illustrations that are there).

This is such a beautiful book for young readers to explore the phases of the moon. There is so much to love, the simple text and monochromatic pages with a burst of yellow for the moon. The different shapes of the moon related to a similarly shaped object (think croissants for the crescent shape). The creativity in associating the different phases to different symbols.

The only part that was a little off for me was the reversal of the shape for the gibbous moons – instead of a shape for the yellow part of the moon, it was for the dark part of the moon. It’s a weird shape to work with, so I get that it was reversed.

Gibbous…think I remembered that term from high school Earth Science? Ha! Luckily, the last two pages in the book have all the phases of the moon – a picture, the name for the phase and a description. Isn’t that handy for your sharing with your little genius?

This has been another perfect bedtime book for MC and lends to a nightly observation of the moon and conversation about the changing shape of it!

We recently completed a craft that went along with the book. I used a sponge to trace circles on it, and then made the different phases of the moon. We made some mini masterpieces by coloring the background with blue and then stamping moons with the sponges…and hand painting too, of course!


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