Crafty Dad

While we were out to do our Thanksgiving grocery shopping, Chouchou suggested that we get a few more art supplies for Mon Cœur’s (MC) craft stash. On his list: construction paper, googly eyes, and glue sticks. We also splurged on stickers, because they were a buck a book and that’s her current go-to craft item.

Little did I know that while I was prepping the meal, Chouchou had a craftivity up his sleeve that included the whole family! I am not sure who had more fun, him or MC, but I delighted in watching them work on their turkeys together, and we were all way too easily amused by making “turkey conversations” after dinner. Silly talk like, “Did you try the cranberry sauce? It’s delicious!” “No, I’ve been swimming in gravy all day!” “I’m so stuffed from the stuffing!”

Okay, now you know how ridiculous and child-like I can be. But we have to be sometimes, right? I’m learning that the more I take time to laugh and have fun, the happier we all are, and that to me is priceless. Plus, hearing MC’s giggle when she sees me acting this silly just warms my heart.

I am grateful that we had a day together as a family and that Chouchou had such a wonderful idea for a simple craft that brought much amusement to us all.


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