Book Review: Hedgehog Needs a Hug

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

Attributed to Plato

I’m feeling a little down and out and could use a hug today, so I chose this recent library read to review…In the picture above, I did not ask Mon Cœur (MC) to pose/pout and she really was in a spectacular mood, I guess she was just channeling the hedgehog’s feelings!

There are so many reasons to love Hedgehog Needs a Hug by Jen Betton (click on this link for reviews, as well as really cute projects, craftivities, and discussion guides for the book).

  • It features all our favorite forest animals – rabbits, raccoons, turtles, foxes, and skunks.
  • There’s a sing songy alliteration describing how the animals move – the fox sly-slink-slides.
  • The story has a universal message that everyone needs a little love and kindness.
  • The illustrations are beautiful, and we love talking about what we see on each page. Every time we read, we find something new to discuss.

This book goes great with a couple of other books featuring prickly animals that we love to read:

  • Hedgehugs by Steve Wilson
  • How do You Hug a Porcupine? by Laurie Isop


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