This past week Mon Cœur and I stepped back into our old-normal and I have lots to be thankful for. Looking back through my planner, I am so grateful for:

  • Time taken for self care and a little pampering at the hair salon, with MC on my lap. MC was her exceptionally lovely self and snuggled in my lap while I got my hair cut. The ladies spoiled her and my stylist was so very patient while MC wriggled as she was trying to cut my hair.
  • Meeting up with friends at the library and catching up. Getting some baby snug time in with their eight month old. Reading books and playing in the children’s area with MC and Chouchou. Finding a fabulous book that would help MC understand the concept of bowling before we went birthday bowling.
  • Getting old friends together to celebrate Chouchou’s birthday at the bowling alley.
  • Mon Cœur for her unrelenting curiosity, energy, and love. I can’t help but smile when she puts a record on and starts to dance.
  • My Chouchou for always being there and helping. For his optimism when I need it most.
  • My maman (mom) for always being a shoulder to lean on and for helping me see the positives in things.
  • For colleagues past and present who have reached out. They have allowed me to see the contributions I’ve made, even when I was too wrapped up in the moment to see it myself.

Trying to stay grateful so that we don’t marinade in the “what should be.” That’s just how we’ve got to roll.


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