Repurposing Christmas Cards

Every year after Christmas, as we are boxing away the decorations, I take all of the holiday cards off display and I place them in an envelope and pack them away with the rest of Christmas…they take up precious room in the plastic tote that is dedicated to our Christmas decorations. After a few years’ worth of cards, it gets out of control and I have to do something with them.

It’s not like we bring them out again the following year, or that I ever do anything with them…I just can’t stand to throw away or recycle all that Christmas cheer.

When the bundle started to infringe on the precious storage space, I had to think of something to do to repurpose them without just getting rid of them. I took those cards out, looked back through them all and chose some to make a paper Christmas wreath by cutting circles and arranging them in a circle. Want to make your own? It’s easy peasy!

I liked the way it turned out, and this year when we were unboxing Christmas decorations, I realized it was again time to cull down the card collection. I found my trusty quilter’s circle templates and I used all of the sizes this year to create the wreath. This year’s wreath is extra special, as I used a stamp from a special delivery from Tokyo.

I am very nostalgic although I am averse to clutter, so I love this idea of keeping cards from friends and family while keeping the clutter down. The paper wreath is so easy to pack away and adds a little bit of Christmas cheer to a wall that may need a little bit of joy.

What do you do with your Christmas cards after the season’s over?


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