The kissing ball

As we were packing away Christmas decorations earlier in the month, Chouchou lamented that the kissing ball was going away. All of December, our kissing ball gave us pause in our rushing through life.

We’d stop between the kitchen and the living room where it hung from the ceiling and we’d take a moment for ourselves. Or Mon Cœur (MC) would hang out under it and say, “Daddy, I under kissing ball!” and smile widely waiting for her kiss. We even had some spontaneous dance parties under it. It was a nice reminder to stop and enjoy just a moment together amid a go-go-go pace.

As I packed our kissing ball away, I realized what an effective visual it was and how it reminded us all to slow down and embrace those whom we love. It is so easy to be swept away in the daily grind that we forget to show compassion and tenderness to those we love, and so I could see how important this was to have a visual reminder to take a minute.

Although I packed away our Christmas ball, I had decided to make a project for myself: a new kissing ball that would stay up through Valentine’s Day.

The next time I was at the local art store, I checked their floral section and purchased a styrofoam ball and some bouquets. I started covering the styrofoam with flowers clipped and used some twill tape to secure a loop and hang it from the ceiling. I added some pink ribbon with a button for a little something different, and finally added a paper airplane.

The airplane is a nod to my new favorite tv drama, a Spanish series called Velvet. Alberto and Ana often exchange their love notes via paper airplanes. I love this idea – it’s romantic, youthful energy behind expressing your love to another. Every time I see the paper plane, I am reminded of that idea.

I recently watched their Valentine’s Day episode (S2, E12), where Ana says, “Every day is Valentine’s Day when you’re with the one you love.” Since I’ve never been keen on the holiday, I loved that quote.

You should celebrate your love every day and take time to appreciate each other every day. Which brings me back round to our kissing ball – we shouldn’t need to be under it to take a pause and show our affection. Sometimes in this hurry, hurry world, though, it helps to have a conspicuous reminder.


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