Valentines three ways with Mon Cœur

Since Mon Cœur (MC) is at the fun age of two, we decided to make some valentines to send out to family and friends.

I love crafting, I love mailing correspondence, and I’m trying to pass these on to her as well. She always loves putting the “stickers” (read: stamps) on the envelopes and stamping our return address on the envelopes (sometimes more than once). 

We had a lot of fun making these three different types of valentines: 

Doily valentines

Materials needed:  Doilies, construction paper, glue sticks, coloring utensil of choice (we used glitter glue pens)

MC received some doilies as a gift and we had stashed it in her craft supplies.  For whatever reason, I associate doilies with Valentines, and thought it would be perfect to pull them out and use them.

We glued them to different construction paper colors.  I picked a few traditional Valentine’s colors (pink, red, purple) and MC picked out some colors too (blue, green).  She had a blast just adding glitter glue to them.  

I had fun experimenting – I cut hearts out of the middle of some and created rubbings of the doilies on others.

Collage valentines

Materials needed: scissors, glue sticks, scrap paper, card paper, modge podge & paintbrush (optional)

I’ve had a stash of old greeting card envelopes, greeting cards, paint sample cards, and maps that I’ve been saving forever, and MC is quickly building a scrap stash of construction paper.  We took scissors and with a few different papers of choice began cutting them into strips and squares.  Once we had a healthy pile of cut paper, I made a heart shape on cards and we began either filling in the heart or filling around the heart.  Afterwards to try to keep the paper down, I took a paintbrush and painted the modge podge on the papers to seal them down.

This was my favorite card to craft – there is something calming in the concentration used to piece together papers to create an image.

Stamp valentines

Materials needed: markers, stamps, construction or other paper for cards.

The collaging was a bit much for MC, it took some coordination and patience. So we experimented with just drawing hearts and letting her stamp the inside of the heart. She loved making these, because she loves to stamp. She can go to town just tap, tap, tapping away with her stamps and pads.

What’s your favorite Valentine craftivity?


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