Three reasons why I’m grateful this week

Signs of Spring

Every day since we’ve been back, we’ve gone out to look at the butterfly garden. We’ve been checking where we planted daffodils and narcissus, and although there have been green leaves poking up since mid-February, we just saw out first flower the other day. We see signs of other daffodils nearly ready to burst with color and we know that within the month, we’ll start to see some real action in our garden.

Out in our side yards, our almond tree already has gorgeous red buds, and the blueberries and blackberries are showing signs of waking up post winter, too!

Our muscovy ducks are looking for nesting spots, perhaps to surprise us with a clutch of ducklings soon. I snuck up on one the other day, unintentionally, while checking their usual spots for making nests – it was an animated encounter to say the least.

All of these signs, along with hearing the peeper frogs, the trilling of birds, the sun staying out longer, and (mostly) warmer days, make us yearn for spring.

We’ve been tagging pages in our seed catalog, checking when we can realistically start our tomato seeds (now, please?), and calling local fruit tree suppliers for availability of apple, plum, and cherry trees.

These new signs of life give us hope and something to look forward to as a new season begins.

Mon Cœur’s curiosity and imagination

Mon Cœur (MC) is at an age where she is really starting to entertain herself, playing and using her imagination on her own. I catch her every once in a while, and I always have to stop what I’m doing to appreciate this little gem of a gal.

Out in the garden, she has turned her “peek-a-boo” rock into a cash register. She’ll pop behind it and “Give me money.” Then I’ll turn around and buy some flowers or a coffee from her with the money she gives me.

She always runs to her climbing tree a young magnolia with the perfect branch set-up to allow her arms and legs to learn to climb. I used to just place her up in the tree, but now, we talk about where to put her hands, to pull with her arms, and where to place her leg. She’s still a little short to get it all on her own – she’s trying though and it’s so rewarding to see the progress. She’s so curious and independent and I love that about her.

Back inside, I was culling her closet this weekend, removing the clothes that no longer fit her. She came up to me, gave me a kiss and said, “Bye mommy, I’m going to work.” Then she asked, “Can you give me some milk?” So I “opened the fridge” in her closet, pulled out some “milk” and poured it into a “to-go cup.” Before leaving, she drank all her milk, asked for more and also asked for “Pizza for lunch.” So of course, I found some in “the fridge” and wrapped it for her. Once she had her lunch, she proceeded to the hall, where she sat down in her car, said “bye” once more and started scooting away.

This kid! I had to take a moment to just appreciate in the crazy imagination she has. I worry sometimes that I don’t play enough with her – but she’s proven that it doesn’t matter what I fear, for she has great creativity and is plenty vocal.

Our health

Pauvre Chouchou (poor Chouchou) has been down and out, diagnosed with the Type A flu the past couple of days. And while it’s never fun to play nurse, it’s a lot better than being stuck in bed and feeling miserable like he is.

So I am happy to make the soup and tea, do the laundry and keep MC entertained while Chouchou quarantines himself to the bedroom until further notice.

His fever finally broke this morning, thank goodness, so maybe there’s a ray of hope that he will feel better soon. Knock on wood that MC and I haven’t gotten it yet, and I hope that we don’t either.

We were lucky that we took our France trip when we did and got back when we did. We continue to follow the news and hope that despite the worldwide epidemic of Coronavirus, we have remained unaffected.

Throughout all of this, MC is learning a lot about hygiene and hand washing this flu season, and we’ve been Cloroxing surfaces nearly daily!


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