It’s a…boy?

About a month ago, we received our Maternity21 results back from the doctors.  This is the advanced and highly sensitive, nearly 100% accurate testing for a whole spectrum of genetic disorders.  It also will tell you, with 99.4% accuracy, the gender of the baby.

As I mentioned in my announcement post, Mon Cœur (MC) thinks she is going to have a baby brother.  When the nurse called to share the results, the voicemail simply said, “The results came back negative.  Call us back if you want to know the gender.”  

Well of course I wanted to know, if they had the information.  MC wanted a brother, and I know Chouchou and Mooma were also hoping for a boy.  I also had a sneaking suspicion, looking at all the girl’s clothes we had saved and organized into boxes, “Newborn,” “0-3 months,” up to 5T, that we would be blessed with a boy. 

I had to leave a message with the nurse and Chouchou caught the phone when it rang again.  The nurse asked again, “Do you want to know the gender?” and “Is your husband on speaker?”  I put her on speaker and MC was running towards us as fast as she could in her little pink croc boots as we yelled out, “It’s the doctor’s office – they’re going to tell us if you’re having a brother or sister!”


Chouchou caught the phone because I was driving the tractor through the front lawn – he was giving me a crash course in driving farm equipment. We were trying to move some huge cherry limbs that he had trimmed near Millie’s garden.

MC was having a meltdown under a tree about 100 yards away.  She was being such a good listener waiting where we asked her to, and yet she was absolutely furious that she wasn’t able to drive the tractor with me.  

Chouchou was grabbing tools from near the house when he heard my phone ring.  The nurse was amazingly patient as she waited while Chouchou brought me the phone and then for MC to make it to Millie’s garden.

The gender reveal:

Nurse: “I’ll wait for her.”

Me: “Okay, we’re all here.”

Nurse: “So you already have a daughter, right?”

Me: “Yes, and she thinks she is going to have a brother.”

MC: “Yes!”

Nurse (to Edith):  “Do you want to know what your Mommy has in her belly?”

MC: “Yes!!”

Nurse: “You’re going to have a brother! Congratulations!”

Surprised, confused, excited

After we got off the phone, Chouchou and I were both a little surprised and excited.  We wrapped up our yard work, and then came in to FaceTime Mooma. 

Me:  “Mooma, we received the results back – MC, are you having a baby brother or a baby sister?”

MC:  “Brother!”

Mooma: Smiling, “A brother?”

MC: Shakes her head no. “It’s a sister.”

I smile at Mooma, knowing she has been waiting for a boy, she expected both my sister and me to be boys, after all. She has all granddaughters.

Mooma smiles at us both, in that “I’m completely confused and lost” sort of way.

Me:  “You’re confused aren’t you?”

Mooma: “Yeah.”

Me: “It’s a boy.”

Mooma: “Oh I am so thrilled.”  Big grin.

In the week that followed the phone call, we’ve mentioned her baby brother and MC has said, “I don’t want that!” 

She even told me, “I’m having a sister.  Doctors were wrong.”  I reassured her, “I’ll double check with the doctor for you.”  She just smiled and kept playing.  

She finally has settled on the fact that it’s a boy – she told a friend the other day, “Mommy is having a boy. I’ll have a brother. I wanted a sister, but it’s a boy.”

Whether or not…

Our Doctor did say that although it’s fairly accurate, there have been mistakes in identifying the gender and the test isn’t 100% correct.  

This week we had our 20 week ultrasound, and the gender was confirmed – we are having a boy. The anatomy scan showed that things were progressing very well, with no concerns, and the fact that Chouchou, MC, and I have been able to feel Baby Boy move has been the most reassuring part of the pregnancy to help me make it to the next appointment.

Based on the blood test results and the ultrasound, we are planning for a boy, however we’ve known gender results to be wrong. Chouchou and I both just want for it to be 38 weeks time already and have a healthy baby arrive, boy or girl.

Whether or not MC has a brother or sister, she will be the most amazing big sister ever. She will be there to teach him or her how to climb trees, dig for worms, find deer tracks, host a tea party, read a book, dance, draw, maybe be a little bossy, and just enjoy life. Because she soaks it all up, takes it all in, and tells you all about it.

She has remained positive through all of this, as evidenced by a recent conversation:

Me: Let’s go check and see if our blueberries are blue. I sure hope they are.

MC: Yes!

Me: It’s such a bummer we don’t have as many as last year, baby.

MC: But we have strawberries – lots of strawberries.

Me: You are so right, baby. I love you!


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