Continuing with our theme “all about me,” Mon Cœur (MC) and I have read quite a few books around the hand.  I had found a really cute craft where kids painted and “stamped” one hand and then their other hand was traced in sharpie and then filled in with pastel.  I loved the trio of hand themed books that we had picked out, because even though they all talked about hands, they were all so different! Below are snapshots of each book.

Hands and Hearts by Donna Jo Napoli 

With beautiful illustrations by Amy Bates, this book tells the story about a day at the beach with a mom and daughter.  Simple prose with a corresponding illustration of sign language is on each page. 

As we read the first time, I made the signs as I read the word.  The next time we read, I encouraged MC to try the signs with me.  The following time we read, I explained that some people can’t hear or speak (or both) and so instead of talking with their voices like we do, they use their hands.

Simple signs such as “hands,” “run,” “dance,” “sun,” and “sunset” are taught with illustrations.  It’s easy enough to try on the fly as you read the book, and even simpler to demonstrate to little listeners after a little practice, or after the third time reading!

Hands to Heart by Alex Bauermeister

This was another excellent book to read over and over again, and explore in many different ways.  It has amusing animal illustrations by Flora Waycott to accompany the text.  Turns out, this book is more yoga based, and the title comes from the yoga pose where you bring your hands to your heart. 

The words in the book are simple and explain various yoga poses that are good for relaxing and boosting one’s mood – the cow, cat and downward dog among others.  I love how it shows and tells you to do the poses, yet the author isn’t preoccupied with teaching the name of the pose.

We both take the time to explore the words, the pictures, and try the poses as we read along.  MC’s favorite?  The cobra snake!

Stretch your legs long behind you like a cobra snake!  Lift and lower your chest.  Cobra is sleeping – then awake.

from Hands to Heart

My Hand by Satoshi Kitamura

It’s a quick read, with funny pictures and a little cat.  Hands can push, pull, tickle, walk, wave, point…and sometimes…when it’s bored…Mon Cœur’s favorite…pick your nose!  We’ve been laughing through this dirty little habit for the past few months (just so I don’t yell!).   At first, my initial reaction was, “No!” and then I started asking, “Do you need a tissue?”  The answer was always, “No!” So now I just hand her a tissue when I see her reaching for her nose, and say, “Tissue!”

Do you have a favorite book on the subject of hands?


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