Three versions of Homemade Valentines

Mon Cœur (MC) has been a valentine’s making machine this year. We started early so we could send her French friend a valentine’s card and we just mailed the last of her cards Friday.

Valentine’s is not my favorite holiday. I’m not a fan of picking one day to declare that I love someone.  Shouldn’t we be doing that every day for the ones we love? 

I digress.  We take every holiday as an opportunity to make and send cards to MC’s friends, Valentines is no exception.  

We made three different types of cards, and it wasn’t until I was preparing this post that I saw we made three different types of cards last year – crazy!

Round 1: Glitter

Materials used: construction paper or tissue paper, card stock, glitter, glue, low supervision (😂)

This year we started early (I was on the ball at end of January/early February!): We made tissue paper and glitter hearts. Those who have received the glitter hearts might not love me right now. I cut out construction paper hearts and gave MC glue in a small container with a paintbrush. MC was doing so well independently, I went and started on my own project.

I came back to find huge glitter monsters glued to cards.  I stuffed those babies in their envelopes got them out of the house, and then vacuumed the rest of the day. 

And there’s still glitter! To those who received these cards so filled with glitter…I mean love, lots and lots and lots of shiny love…oops, I’m sorry, just think of the incredible, unconditional love MC has for you when you see yet another piece of glitter.

Round 2: Penguins

Materials used: toilet paper tubes, black and red paint, markers, paper, scissors, glue, card stock

One snowy day, I found a really cool stamping idea that resulted in penguins. We raided our toilet paper tube stash and made a penguins and hearts print for our next round of cards. If you “waddle” try this out…just take an empty tp roll and cut in half. One half leave alone, the other half pinch to make a heart shape. Stamp the circle then the heart shape to make the penguin. We went back to add details with markers – eyes and contrasting color.

We stamped on one huge paper and then folded and cut to make 16 papers. Then we glued them to the front of the card stock and voilà more cards!

Round 3: Racing hearts

Materials used: card stock, pink paint, toy car, red and purple card stock, glue, paint brush, heart stamps & ink pad

Another idea I’ve seen for alternative art techniques is using the wheels of a toy car to “paint”with.  I really loved this idea so I taped some white yardstick down to the craft table and then put some paint in a tray (top of an egg carton), and gave MC a car – she raced all over the paper and then we hung it to dry. 

Once it dried, I used a heart stencil to trace hearts all over the tracks and I cut out each individual heart. MC affixed them to the colored card stock using her glue and paintbrush. After all was dry, then she added heart stamps as a final touch.

Mon Amours first painting

Mon Amour’s (MA) first valentine’s cards were intended to be very simple, a hand print to be the “o” in “love.”

Baby boy did not want to give me a handprint, rather a fist print, so…that’s what we’ve got, and I’ll take it- I love it.

A new tradition ?

As a family, we tried something new this year, and maybe it will be a new tradition…Inspired by, I made a sheet of paper for each of us – moi, Chouchou, Mon Cœur, and Mon Amour. At the top of each it said I love (name)! and I taped them on the front of the secretary in our kitchen. Each day leading up to Valentine’s, we would talk about what we loved about each person in the family. We would decide on one thing to add. Before adding anything new, or even talking about the things we loved, we would read the growing list first. It was great for reviewing, jogging ideas, and making sure we didn’t repeat ourselves. It goes along with the idea of my gratefulness challenge, that it never hurts to reach out and tell people how important they are to you and what you love about them.

Happy Valentines Day, dear readers! Love you, today and every day!

Side note: I am currently struggling with technology. I have had to choose between breastfeeding and figuring out my new laptop, playing with MC or ignoring her to fix photos.

Umm, I choose them, especially because after an hour of breastfeeding or playing with MC, I don’t have a headache and I’ve got something to show for the time spent.

I hope it’s just the lack of good, reliable internet out in the country side and the initial kinks of transitioning to a new computer.

I will try to post more soon… I am lucky to be living this life and having these fun moments with MC, MA, and Chouchou. The bonus (when tech cooperates 🤣) is that I get to share it with you!

If you don’t already follow me on Instagram, @mamans_monde, this would be the perfect time to! I post regularly here about our daily activities and life. Later today, maybe a picture of our king cake for Mardi Gras???


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