Cause for celebration

“But Mommy, Christmas is every day!” Mon Cœur told me matter of factly, as Mooma grabbed a Christmas votive holder and switched on the LED votive light.

And for five minutes, she sat mesmerized by the snow covered scene changing colors by the candle light.

It gave me pause…

Every day can feel like Christmas. We can celebrate or remember people, birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays any day of the year we choose. It just depends on our mindset. And honestly, I needed this reminder from MC.

Last Friday (October 15) was National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day. Of course I remembered Millie Bonheur on this day. My remembrance, love, and celebration of her short time with us is not relegated to the 15th, or even just the month of October. I remember her every day. I remember her in September, when I realized I was pregnant, in May for her birthday, every holiday, and then I remembered her today, in the aisle at Target, shopping for a baby shower gift.

And I try to find ways to celebrate her throughout the year, and to find positive outlets for the many emotions that I feel throughout a day, a week, or a season.

This weekend truly did feel like Christmas – I was able to spend much time with some of the people whom I love the most and I was gifted with a salon experience. I shared wonderful conversations with family, serendipitously caught up with an old high school friend, and met new friends.

We spent most of our days outside, taking advantage of the gorgeous fall weather. I watched MC meet new friends and run around playing hide and seek, and I watched Mon Amour learn to pedal around on a little car. They played together in the kitchen. And giggled. Oh, they’ve giggled and smiled. It’s done my heart good, just like the warm smiles and hot cocoa on a Christmas morning.


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