Italian Tartiflette

With the beginning of the winter season, Chou Chou and I were craving a hearty dish, one that we had while in France – tartiflette.

Tartiflette is a dish originating in the Savoy region of France. It is a hearty, creamy dish featuring potatoes, Rebluchon cheese (which is nearly impossible to find in the US and when you do, is ridiculously expensive), onions, ham, and cream. We have made the dish before substituting the Rebluchon with Gruyère cheese.

File:Duchy of Savoy.png - Wikimedia Commons
Savoy region in red. Picture from Wikimedia Commons.

For us, tartiflette is a comfort food, it is a reminder of the friends in France who hosted us when we took our family trip to heal our hearts and renew ourselves. Friends who took us to the Saturday market, where we sipped on mulled wine as we walked and explored. Where we bought local honey, fig preserves, and Rebluchon cheese. It is a meal shared among friends and made in a warm home, explained step by step in a cozy kitchen as I helped to prepare. A reminder of the lovely conversation with friends, leaning into the counter on either side of the oven, waiting for the potatoes to cook and the cheese to bubble.

I used this tartiflette recipe from Anthony Bourdain, using heavy cream instead of white wine, and using 32 oz of gnocchi instead of potatoes.

While the dense texture of gnocchi is something that Mon Amour is still unsure of, overall it was a successful swap.

What is your winter comfort food?


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