And on to the next adventure.

Mon Cœur has officially graduated from preschool, and so now we embark on a new adventure, school at home. Why?


MC is soooo curious. If there is anything I’ve learned this year as a preschool teacher with a class of only 11 kids, kids are curious! And observant! And smart cookies!

Unfortunately, I can not address each little person’s questions and also teach what I have planned. So I can only imagine MC asking all of these great questions to her teachers, and not getting every answer due to time constraints.

I want to encourage her curiosity and observations. I don’t want that squelched. I don’t want her to stop asking questions.

It is so difficult and yet so refreshing to take the time to observe and question with her. This requires some unplugging, some reprioritizing, and some slowing down. And golly, it’s worth it every time to do that. When I take the time to listen to her, I always learn something new about her.


This is a pretty general reason, but we can cover what we need to in less time with just us.

We can have the flexibility to vacation, to go on field trips, or to have a family day on a random Tuesday.

Time is a precious gift, and family is my top priority.

Because I can.

I started to say language and prattle on about how I’d be able to focus more on French…but let’s just simply leave it at… I can. I can do this. I’m qualified, and I believe in myself. That’s a pretty good feeling to have and an essential mindset if I want to be successful. I do. And I can.


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