A little hope

The first monarch butterfly I saw this summer was being devoured by a wasp. That was back in May, when we typically look for the caterpillars and welcome them as symbols of hope and rebirth. So much for that this year I told myself.

A couple of weeks ago we spotted a monarch butterfly, one of the only we’ve seen this season.

A week ago, Mon Cœur found a caterpillar.

Yesterday evening, among the bursting milkweed pods, we spotted no less than ten caterpillars varying in size- some who were probably days old and others that looked ready to make their chrysalis that evening.

It’s later than we expected, although still a welcome sign.

And timely, too. As summer cools down and a chill greets us in the morning, we’ve focused our reading theme on migration, and have a couple of short books about the monarchs’ migration to Mexico.

I told MC that I suppose when the caterpillars become butterflies they’ll journey to Mexico, too. She turned to me with incredulous eyes and a smile and said, “No way!”

I smiled back and said, “They absolutely will!”

Do you have any idea who the fuzzy friend is on this milkweed?


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