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Hello/Bonjour! Welcome to maman’s blog! I’m Erin and I live in beautiful Virginia with my husband, my Chou chou (a French term of endearment), our daughter, Mon Cœur (literally, my heart, another term of endearment), and our son, Mon Amour (my love).

I’m a former French and ESOL teacher and a few major life events motivated me to pause working full time in order to stay at home with our children. I’m a mother of three: when we were expecting our second daughter, Millie, my husband fully supported my intention to focus on family. My father passed away in February 2019, while I was six months pregnant with Millie. Then in May, at 38 weeks pregnant, we learned Millie had died in utero from her cord wrapping around her three times. In October 2020, we were blessed with our third child, our son, Mon Amour.

Mon Cœur and her Poopa (my dad)
Millie Bonheur
Mon Cœur meeting Mon Amour

There are many adventures daily, and it is my goal through this blog to chronicle those adventures and the daily ups and downs with the intention of connecting to like-minded individuals and also helping others through sharing our stories.

This blog will focus on:

1.  Maman et moi – all things Mom and me

            Mon Cœur and I love to do lots of things together – arts and crafts, singing, outdoor walks, reading, cooking, and gardening.  Check out art ideas, children’s book reviews, and how we adventure daily under maman & moi.

2.   My monde – all things Mom

            My Dad once wrote, “ Make your [priority] list, but on top of it do not forget to put yourself first ABOVE it all.”  Easier said than done, as he well knew. I am constantly trying to make & take time for self-care. We are continuing to cope with our loss of Millie, and I am always looking for ways to better organize my life. Read how I am finding a balance and embracing a growth mindset under my monde.

3.   Bilingual bébés – all things bilingual/in the spirit of raising bilingual

            As a former world language teacher and Francophile, we are raising our kids bilingual.  Read under bilingual bébé to see the how’s and why’s including specific resources for those looking to raise kids bilingual French/English.

side note:  As a French geek, I will sometimes use French words in the middle of an otherwise English sentence.  When I do this, the French word will be bold/italic and will have an English equivalent as necessary.

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