Spring Garden Prep and Updates

I am long overdue for a garden post update…Over the winter we added a couple of camellias and a dwarf butterfly bush. We meant to add more, and then…well…now is the perfect time for us to be spending time together as a family in the garden, adding plants, trying to get seeds started, and seeing how it is changing with the seasons. Below are just a few updates and changes we’ve observed in the garden.

Grape Hyacinths

Any day that we have good weather, we take a walk as a family along our road. About a month ago, little Blonde Bunyan (mon Cœur, MC) saw a purple flower on the side of the road and went to pick it. She grabbed it by the stem, yanked it, and Chouchou and I were astonished to see a bulb attached to the bottom of the stem. So we took it home and planted it in the butterfly garden.

We had no idea what the flower was; luckily Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens posted a picture of the same flower in their Instagram a day later and identified it.

After seeing how easy peasy bulbs are with our daffodils we planted last fall, we were sold on the idea of filling the garden with more bulb flowers. We’ve been meaning to reallocate these roadside beauties for the past month, since MC procured the first one.

Earlier this week, Chouchou built a little retaining wall around one of the dirt mounds in the garden, and we went for a walk looking for more grape hyacinths to add. We transplanted about 20 of these bulbs in total, and after the rainstorm we received the other night, they were happy campers in their new home.


We purchased three different types of daffodils in the fall, and as an early spring crept in, we were excited to see the early peeking of leaves through the earth. Later we watched anxiously as a bud grew at the top of the stalk and would monitor for buds opening. The three different varieties, Tête à Tête, Stainless, and Pink Paradise, all bloomed at different times which kept our interest in them over the spread of at least a month.

I can’t stop saying how easy it was to plant them and the excitement and anticipation we all felt waiting for them to bloom. Chouchou and I are looking into other bulbs that we can incorporate into the garden and the Dig.Drop.Done Foundation online has excellent resources, planting guides, and calendars to help us do our research into this new type of gardening.

Thai Hibiscus

A dear friend gave us some seeds for this annual beauty. According to Rare Seeds, this hibiscus is, “a super plant for making cranberry-flavored bright red beverages, jelly, pie, and tea.”

All the directions I read said to start seeds early, indoors. Well, it’s been such beautiful weather, that MC and I dug five holes and plopped three seeds in each hole and figured we’d see what happens…Just yesterday as we were taking our daily tour, I noticed the first sprouts emerging!

I was so excited to see this, as these were one of the more recent seeds we’ve planted in the garden, and unfortunately we haven’t seen any success from the seeds we had planted a month earlier: the wildflower mix, lavender, asclepias, and milkweed seeds.

As we continue our daily adventures at home, digging in the garden has definitely been therapeutic and good for our souls. We get our daily dose of vitamin D, some fresh air, and we practice our observation skills. We’ve seen so many butterflies already this season, and hope to continue seeing them as we add flowers and plants this spring and summer.

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